Theresa’s lifestyle Bio

Hi everyone,

Back to basics what does this mean to me?

Simplicity and joy. I love the freedom that comes with living a simple life. Choosing to have just the right amount of everything, nothing in excess. Of course, simplicity will look different for everyone. What is the right amount of everything? I have no idea! I believe this is what our journey will be, to figure out what is enough. What is contentment? Arriving to a place where there is no longer a need or a want but just bliss in knowing you have everything you need.

Over the past few years myself and George have been gradually figuring out what kind of life we want to live. Organically the questions have come, and we try and find answers. Questions about our core values, what makes us happy, how do we see our lives in 5 or 10 years, on our death beds how we want to feel about our life, how do we want to contribute to our community, how can we help others, how can we inspire others. Lengthy discussions about these topics and taking the time to figure out some answers has helped us to decide on the life we want to live.

The recent realization that more things does not mean more happiness, has made us pause and think about what does makes us happy. And I don’t mean major trips or spending loads of money to stay in a fancy hotel (although that does make me happy…lol!! NOT PERFECT) but simple everyday actions or experiences. Every morning having my favorite tea in my favorite mug before breakfast, snuggles on the couch, foot massages, eating outside in the sunshine, dancing, music, spending time with friends and family, eating nutritious healthy food, seeing others smile, all these things bring so much happiness to my day. So, I plan as much of these things into my day as I can. Stuck in traffic, I put on a great audio book, walking out onto our rooftop to listen to the birds in the early morning, surprising George with chocolate when he is not expecting, speaking with my niece Caoimhe, seeing pictures of all my nieces and nephews. All these things are simple and so easy to achieve, they are everyday things that we can consciously decide to include more of in our days to make our lives fuller.

Going back to basics is focusing on what is truly important in our lives and realizing buying things will not add any value or happiness. Don’t get me wrong we are both high achievers and are determined to go even further in our careers. However, we know what is and what is not important in our lives. We don’t feel the need to follow what others are doing just because “everyone” is doing it. If we buy something or make a life decision it will be based on our life values and our way of life. Back to basics is a focusing in on what true happiness is for us. I hope you all enjoy our blog and our journey. We are excited to see how we evolve over the next few years. Hopefully you will join us for the adventure.

Thanks so much,