George’s Yoga bio


George Burns was born and raised in Ireland and has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 7 years.

He began practicing yoga eight years ago and has made it a consistent commitment for the past two years. He has completed his 200 hour Yoga teacher training (YTT) course with Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver.

Yoga and meditation are an essential part of George’s life. Having being plagued by a bad temper and stress for most of his adult life, over the years living in Vancouver, he gradually realized the three key practices he had to put in place in his life to combat this. Yoga, meditation and fresh air.

Daily meditation, regular yoga practice and getting as much fresh air and sunlight as possible really grounded George and made his bad temper and stress levels, for the most part, a thing of the past.

He teaches Hatha Yoga with a strong inclination towards Vinyasa flow yoga, placing an emphasis on his three core values throughout the class. Humility, breath and awakening.

Humility is important both for himself as a teacher and in life in general. Remaining humble is sometimes difficult, but it can help you stop comparing yourself to others. Leaving the ego at the door when you step onto the mat is a great way to practice.

George uses the breath to control his own practice and encourages those he teaches to do the same. Keeping check of a deep even breath will let you know when it’s time to ease back from a posture. If a student can’t breathe in a pose then George will encourage them to ease back, find their breath and take it from the there.

Awakening is nothing mystical, just a change in mindset. This happened for George in his late twenties when he began to change his lifestyle by striving for improvement all the time.

He hopes to bring yoga to people like him who thought that is wasn’t for them and that may have been self conscious to attend their first class. And remember, touching your toes has nothing to do with it.