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Yoga: What I’m Reading This Month

Reading is an important part of my daily routine which I specifically set time aside to do every day. My goal each year is to read at least one extra book than the previous year. My goal this year is to read 40 books. So far, I am on track and have read 20 books. Goodreads is an awesome app to keep track of what you have read and create a reading challenge for yourself each year. Another excellent tool to increase my reading is listening to Audio books. The two apps I use for my Audio books are Audible and the Vancouver Library Audio app OverDrive. I can sometimes get a whole book complete in a week just by listening to a book on my break when I go for a walk. I would listen to my audio books on average 60-75 minutes a day.

My scheduled reading times are 15min in the mornings before work and 30-45mins after I come home from work (once I have a cup of tea brewed then I sit to read), finally I like to read in bed…the time spent reading in bed varies the most, it can range from 10min to 30min depending on the day of the week and how tired I am. I see bed reading as a bonus, if I get a few pages read I’m happy and if not I’m happy too.

The weekends I would spend a good hour reading each day. Usually in the morning, after my chores are done on a Saturday. On Sunday George makes breakfast and I stay in bed to read, I LOVE Sundays.

Yoga teacher training was so inspiring, and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of new knowledge I gained from the course. However, it also highlighted how much learning and reading I need to do to have a deeper understanding of Yoga and all the layers that go with it.

The Yoga-Sutra was on the list of recommended reading for all yoga students. I picked up a copy in Vancouver Public Library translated by Chip Hartranft.

On the back of Yoga Sutras was a short description:

“In just 196 short Aphorism, this classic work of Indian philosophy spells out succinctly how the mind works, and how it is possible to use the mind to attain liberation. Complied in the second or third century C.E the yoga-sutra is a road map of human consciousness- and a particularly helpful guide to the mind states one encounters in meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. It expresses the truths of the human condition with great eloquence: How we know, what we know, why we suffer, and how we can discover the way out of suffering”

Definitely a book I will need to read slowly with a very clear head! No late nights before reading the above. Heavy stuff but I am excited to get into it. I plan on taking notes when I read this book, that helps me stay focused and putting it in my own words I am hoping will help me understand it better. Once I complete the book I will post my thoughts and notes, so you can review.

Mudras “Yoga in your Hands” by Gertrud Hirschi caught my eye in the Yoga reading section in the library (The cover is green, I love green!). This book was not on the recommended reading list but this is an area of yoga I am curious about and want to know the reason and claimed benefits behind mudras.

On audible I downloaded Light on Life by B.K.S Iyengar, I have started listening to this already and I really like it. This one I downloaded on my ipad so I like to listen to it when I’m taking a bath or if my eyes are too tired to read in bed I like to listen to a book for about 15min before sleep. On audible you can set a timer of how long you want to listen to your book its great for bed as I have often in the past feel asleep listening to a book and 2 hours have passed and I haven’t heard a word! Lol!

Anyways that’s the reading plan for this month.

Let me know what books you are reading and if you have any Yoga book suggestions.

Thanks so much,

Chat soon,