About US

Hello! We are Theresa & George Burns we are both in our thirties and are living in Vancouver, Canada. We have a passion for yoga, mountain climbing, camping and adventure. George loves to write, and Theresa loves to clean! Even though we have very similar passions we also have our own individual hobbies and activities.

When we are at a party or wedding, you will find George with a drink in his hand chatting to an Aunt, Uncle or anyone who will listen. He goes into full politician mode at social events, the man loves to chat.

Theresa on the other hand will be giving it socks on the dance floor communicating through high pitch screams of excitement if her favorite song is played….Footloose would be a good example.

We met when we were 18 and 20 years old. We got married almost 3 years ago (we were dating 13 years before George asked Theresa to marry him…..he needed to be sure apparently)

We have grown up together and as a result we have experienced many joyous and sorrowful moments as a pair. There have been periods in our relationship that we lived apart for over 6 months and traveled to countries without each other.

We try to have as much balance in our life as possible by incorporating a daily practice of yoga and meditation each morning before going to work. We have eco nights on Thursdays (no lights, phones, TV….just candle light, books and board games……we are wild!! Lol!) We limit our use of social media and cancelled our cable.

We work towards improving skills and accepting ourselves for who we are every day. We strive to remain true to ourselves and don’t mind going against the norm if it feels good to us.

We hope to create a blog which will inspire and maybe introduce you to a different outlook on life. For us we see this blog as a keyhole insight to our lives. The purpose being that you guys and our family at home in Ireland can see what we are up to and get to know us on a deeper level.

We will post here every Sunday. Please feel free to tweet us any questions and we will be on Instagram and Facebook if you would like to say hello.

We hope you enjoy our space and make yourself at home.