Theresa’s Yoga Bio



Theresa Burns began practicing yoga in 2008. During this period of her life Theresa was studying for her final exams in University, working a full-time job and tutoring on the side. Surprisingly her social life was just as active! Burning the candle at both ends was her specialty. However, Theresa’s energy levels were decreasing and the over indulgence in alcohol and non-nutritional food was taking its toll on her health. Theresa was constantly tired and realized she needed a time out from the everyday responsibilities and stresses that came with student life.

She came across a yoga studio on a drive back home one evening and decided she would sign up for a class. Overcoming personal anxieties of not been flexible enough and not fitting in were the biggest hurdles holding her back from doing that first yoga class. Thankfully after the first class all these worries and feelings melted away. Her teacher made her feel welcome and the class was deeply relaxing. This was a turning point in Theresa’s life.

Theresa completed a 200 hour Yoga teacher training (YTT) with Semperviva, Vancouver. She hopes to create a safe and welcoming environment as a teacher free of judgment and expectations for her students. Her classes are composed of slow purposeful poses using breath work and incorporating a meditation practice in every class. Her students will leave feeling more relaxed and focused with a smile on their face.