B2B George


Hi All.

As I write this, I am trying to think about the first time that I felt I needed to get back to basics. That begs another question. What does back to basics mean?

To me, it means getting in touch with reality – Real life.

In my opinion, one must search for real life. Some people will never find it. Some people don’t even know they need to look for it. That doesn’t mean that I have found it, or that I think I have the answers. It just means that I am searching and I am open. I need to search and keep searching. Maybe real life is found in the search, the striving for self improvement, reaching, growing, moving forward. It started for me when I started to think – to really think, about life, about the future, about relationships, about people. Two things got methinking, triggering a change or an awakening – a realization more than a change.

Firstly, my wife, the other half of Back to Basics Living, encouraged questions; teasing out answers gently showing a path or direction. One of these paths was reading. I was always a reader of fiction, sci-fi, fantasy. These are all worthwhile pursuits, which I still read but none of these encouraged one to question.

Non-Fiction is the key. It is the way forward, specifically anything which encourages one to question. Question their path, question the direction in which they are moving. I have seen the miraculous effect of positive reading first hand but that is a story for a different post. Whether you go for inspiring biographies, self-improvement, financial or spiritual, they all have a huge impact. One will soak up the words and messages like a plant takes in the sun and subsequently grows as it feeds. But, I digress, that’s where it started for me. That is when I started to realize my values. I began to wake up. This process is still in progress and I may never get there, and never get to my destination. What is a destination without a journey? The top of the mountain is meaningless without the climb.I feel this awakening is growing, that people the world over are coming to realize what is important, or if not, then many people are taking the first step by beginning to think about it.

Some say thinking about something is not enough, that many a wrong step was made by standing still. This may be the case but the step cannot be taken at all without first standing at the doorway.

On another note, I must check myself and not delve too deep into what folks may perceive as bullshit (previous statement in mind) as I have no tolerance for this, so, as we move forward I will endeavor to try to keep it real.

To sum up what I am getting at, I think the world is in a better place than portrayed in the media, and I think we all have the power to change, to achieve great things. Remember, great is subjective, it is a state of mind.

You set your own standards.