Give The Gift Of Attention

It’s Christmas time.

A time of giving and goodwill, so we are all out shopping for gifts and rushing about. In last weeks blog, I encouraged everybody to take the time to slow down and stop. To be patient and experience this time of the year.

Though I joined all the madness and got out there to contribute to the materialism that drives Christmas I would like to suggest another gift that we can give to anybody we chose this year and it costs nothing.

Our time is valuable and I agree that it should be treated so, but attention can be given freely.

It can be given in different ways. You can make your attention a gift to yourelf by sitting in silence by the Christmas tree and really enjoying the moment, or walking through the lights at the Van Dusen Gardens and really experiencing it. Or you can truly feel the silence and softness of the snow covered trees while you showshoe in the mountains.

Van Dusen Gardens (Dec 2017)

We can also give our attention to others. When we spend time with our family and friends, we can be fully present with them. Drop the phone or turn it off and experience Christmas dinner with no interruptions. Or keep the phone on and reach out to family or friends.

If we are making the 12 pubs of Christmas happen or if we are out with our friends for New Years eve we can be there with them and appreciate the moments with these people that we may not see again for months. We give our full attention even if only for a short time.

We also shouldn’t forget about the odd 3,500 people who are homeless in the Greater Vancouver area (or wherever we live).

Certainly, we can donate our time or money to help, but that is not always possible.

We can, however, give them our attention. We don’t have to hurry past them without so much as a glance. I think the gift of attention will be appreciated by the homeless more than anybody as they are invisible to a certain extent. It can be as simple as a smile or a greeting.

So maybe consider what is important this year? The materialistic objects out consumerist lifestyle (I’m guilty too) encourages us to buy or the people around us and the experiences we have at this time of the year.

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