Why Do We Want to Manage Our Time?

For years I left things to the last minute. Studying for exams was a classic case. I would avoid study right up until the week or few days before an exam. I spent more time on extravagant timetables than actual time studying. I would end up pulling all-nighters and sit the exam exhausted and ill prepared.

University was a period where I struggled with managing my time evenly between the major areas in my life: school, relationships, self-care, health and financial. As a young adult I was incapable of saying No to a night out on the town or working an extra shift in work. I always seemed to find the time to socialize and work. There was minimal time for school, self-care and exercise. I had met George while I was in University, so we saw each other at the weekends when I returned home. We both worked part-time jobs, so we would catch up with each other after in the pub.

I am still amazed at all the things I did achieve during university, I worked almost full-time hours for the majority of Uni. I tutored 7 students at the weekend before work and I always managed to save enough money to go on a holiday.

However, if I had spent less time on socializing and working, I could have had excellent grades, a healthy body and more free time to take care of myself. Not to mention a pile of savings! Lol!

Now that I am a little older and my priorities are much clearer, I schedule my time around those focus areas. You will be happy to hear that socializing has dropped way down the list😉

Warren Buffet recommends we write down the 25 goals in life we really want to achieve in no order of importance. Then number each goal from the highest priority to the lowest. Cross off 10 of these goals. Review your list and cross out another 10 goals. You are now left with your top 5 goals you want to achieve in your life. For you to achieve these goals you must spend time everyday on working to complete these. When or if you complete a goal, you can then replace that goal with one of the originals goals from the list of 25 you had originally.

The whole reason behind writing down the 25 goals and crossing out 20 is that you are deciding to not spend time on lesser important goals. This way you do not waste time or procrastinate by working on semi important tasks when you should be spending time on your top 5 goals you want to achieve. This simplifies what we spend our time on and encourages you to complete a goal or a task, so you can work through your list if you want.

My major goals are:

  1. Learn to speak Spanish……so one day I can live and work in a Spanish speaking country and teach my children another language
  2. Learn to cook healthy meals……..So I can teach my children the importance of healthy food and diet. Live by example
  3. Be financially free…………. to start our own business and work for ourselves
  4. Have a healthy body & mind………to life a long and healthy life right up until it’s time to go
  5. Learn & grow everyday……be open to learning new things and ideas up until our last breath😉

What can we do everyday to achieve our goals and when can we find the time to do it?

This is the fun part.

If TV is not a priority for you, stop watching TV.

If spending hours on your phone is not one of your top 5 goals, stop browsing on your phone.

If drinking and socializing with friends every evening did not make the cut, then learn to say no!

Free up time by dropping all the unnecessary wasteful habits you do now and replace them with good habits that will help you achieve your goals.

For example, we no longer watch TV during the week, Friday night and Saturday are our nights to watch a good movie or a TV show we really like. No trash TV anymore.

We go to bed earlier, so we can get up earlier in the morning to work on our goals.

The above changes have given us so much time. We generally do not meet friends during the week unless they want to join us for a yoga class which is a goal of ours.

How do I work on my goals everyday?

Learn to speak Spanish: Every morning I listen to my Spanish Audio books on the way to work 20 minutes, on my break I go for a walk and Listen to my Spanish Audio for another 30min (1-hour daily)

Learn to cook healthy meals: At the weekends research cookbooks and on Sunday mornings or evenings will spend 2 hours prepping lunch and dinner for the work week (3 hours once a week)

Be financially free to start my own business: Created a budget that I review at the end of each week to ensure our savings are on track. We spend very little money during the week and bring our lunches to work every day. We are embracing a waste free lifestyle and try to only shop when we need something…..I do love clothes and will buy some nice pieces each season. We have become more mindful shoppers which prevents us from spending on a whim…although it can still happen😉 (2hours once a week)

Have a healthy body & mind: We meditate each morning for 15-20minutes. We have gratitude diaries. We go for walks on our lunch breaks. We practice yoga 4 times a week and will go on walks or cycles on the other days. (at least 1 hour daily)

Learn & grow everyday: Reading books, blogs, articles, listening to audio books & podcasts and watching documentaries are all ways we learn and grow. We also like to write our own blogs, short stories and novel (George). Each morning we will read for at least 30 min, as we are doing the dishes or getting ready we will listen to our own audio books or podcasts, I like to listen to my audio book on my second walk during work, we both read for 30min before going to bed each night also. We will write short blog posts for Instagram & Facebook in the morning and spend time on our website blogs one evening a week (2hrs)

Once we stopped wasting our time on activities that were not our primary goals we have freed up so much time to work on the things that are important to us.

I have been listening to 12 Rules For life by Jordan B. Peterson. There is a very emotional part to this book when he speaks about creating meaning in life. What can we do everyday to bring meaning to our lives……what can we do everyday to make tomorrow better?

So many of us just let each day drift by and not really think about what we achieved that made us a better person than the day before. For me the most important thing about time management is what you spend your time on.

We have so much time in the day, we need to spend all that free time before and after work on the things that make us better human beings with meaning in our lives. The world would be filled with content, caring and better humans if we all figured out why wake up every morning.

What are your goals? How will your free up time?

Have a great week,


Theresa xx

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