Autumn: Our Favorite Season, Hygge is back!

We love Autumn so much. Its our favorite season. The reds, browns and burnt orange colors are so warm and comforting. The crisp mornings and longer cozier evenings are very Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga”.

What is Hygge? It’s a term the Danish have for describing that warm, cozy, content feeling aroused by simple comforts. A very Hygge scene would be by a fire, with woolly socks on, reading a book and drinking a hot chocolate spiked with baileys or whiskey😉

Autumn is our Hygge season. It’s the time of the year we begin to socialize more with our friends. We usually go back to visit our family in October too. We find summers busy and don’t get to see our friends or family all that much.

Fall is our time to reconnect and enjoy home cooked meals with friends. We both have really improved our cooking skills over the past few years and really enjoy entertaining and making our home as comfortable as possible for our guests.

It’s the time of year that life slows down after the hectic summers and before the craziness leading to Christmas. It’s a perfect time to reconnect & recharge.

We restart our Eco nights this time of year too. On Wednesdays we turn off all the lights, light candles, read books and ban screens for one night. It is glorious. We sometimes play a boardgame or I fall asleep by 8:00pm! It’s a night to fully relax and avoid external stimulation of any kind. Bliss.

During this time of the year we always get back on track with our healthy eating and exercise. The weather is usually fresh, and we want to be outside as much as possible. Being from Ireland the cooler temperature suits us better than the heat of the Vancouver summers. Phew!

Going home probably is a big reason why we love this time of year too. The excitement and lead up to our trip back to Ireland is always the highlight of our year. The weather at home is usually frosty mornings with clear blue skies. The tress are a pallet of Autumn shades which is a lovely contrast to the green fields all around.

The food is also a highlight! Pumpkin pie, roasted vegetables, chai tea, soups, porridge, apple pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce & roasted spuds! Thanksgiving dinner basically! Another reason to love Autumn. We usually have friends over who don’t have family here and we all celebrate together as one.

We buy a lot more candles this time of the year. We like to light them in the darker mornings at breakfast and during dinner in the evenings. We are not a fan of scented candles just plain unscented. The lighter throws on our sofa are replaced with heavier blankets for chilly evenings. The big duvet is taken out of storage and returned to our bed. The hot water bottle returns! We love our room cold, we keep our windows open all year round but keep the bed warm with the hot water bottle. Oh yeah!

Honestly warm fuzzy feeling galore for this time of the year! HYGGE! Love love love! Definitely our comfort zone…. bring on warm cozy layers and coats! Autumn we are ready and will embrace every moment.

Are you as excited as we are about Autumn? What is Autumn to you?

I hope you all had a great week😊

Speak soon,

Theresa x

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