Personal Posture Development: Wheel

Since graduating from Semperviva 200-hour yoga teacher training I have been busy teaching twice a week and keeping up my own practice on average twice a week in the studio.

Now that the summer is coming to an end and life is moving slower, I hope to increase my personal practice to 3-4 times in the studio.

Why would I like to increase my studio time? There are many reasons;

  • Attending public classes provides inspiration for my classes
  • Develops my skills as a teacher
  • Introduces new postures or breathing exercises I have never done
  • It keeps my body strong and clears my mind
  • The social aspect of the class is great
  • The energy practicing with a class is different than practicing on your own, I like both

Each morning I do a simple 15-20min warm up routine to help get my body ready for the day ahead. I sit at a desk all day so the stretching in the morning really helps prevent lower back ache or stiffness.

Although I am happy with my routine of going to classes and doing my own self practice. There is a desire to work on postures that I have trouble with.

There are many postures that I could choose but for some reason I would like to start with Wheel.

The challenge for me with wheel is lifting my upper body into the position. I believe I need to work on my arm strength to help achieve this movement.

Over the next few months I plan on researching methods of how to gradually build up my strength and what techniques I should use to help me achieve Wheel.

My personal goal is to be able to get into wheel safely and more importantly get out of it safely by Christmas. I hope with practice over time the posture will come a little easier and I can feel the benefits from doing it.

That’s my posture goal for this year, hopefully I can post at Christmas a picture of me in wheel. For now, bridge is where I am at and that’s ok😉

Each year I am hoping to build on my postures, maybe next year I might try hand stands! OH, it makes me sweat just thinking about it!

If you have any advice on what exercises I should do I would love to know.

Thank you and have a great week,

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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