Reduce Waste This Month: Laundry Detergent

This month we reduced our waste significantly.  There are so many items we replaced with zero-waste alternatives. One of which was our laundry detergent. We were waiting to finish up with our existent plastic filled containers to replace with our homemade brew😉

We googled several different homemade detergents and settled on a liquid detergent. It was more effort than the powder, but we said we would give it a go.

We didn’t measure any of the ingredients and completely eyeballed everything, but we think we made a fine detergent…. time will tell! Lol!

Our detergent contains:

  1. Castile soap (we went for liquid over solid…. if you choose solid bar you need to grate it and melt in water in a hot pan)
  2. Washing Soda (Not bread soda)
  3. Borax
  4. Essential oils (blood orange and citrus)

We placed a cup of borax and washing soda into a 2.5litre jar and poured in a little bit less of a cup of castile soap.

We poured in water and added a few drops of essential oils.

We stirred all ingredients together.

The solution is nice and goopy but does need stirring before using.

Place 1 cup into the washing machine for a full load. Your clothes will come out fresh and clean.

We will use this for the next few months and see how things go. We are also interested in trying the powder detergent too to see if there is any difference.

We would like to try a few different options before settling on one.

This month has been awesome regarding our commitment to reducing our waste and cutting out unnecessary items completely.

Making our own cleaning products is very rewarding. Its quick, easy, cheap and looks so much better than large brightly colored plastic containers. We get to choose the size and look of each jar or bottle we store our solutions in and they look so cool.

Saving money on these items is a major advantage of making our own products. Instead of handing over cash for products which are harmful to our environment we can save that money to put towards a date night, savings or a holiday. Now that’s money well spent😉

So far, the zero-waste experience has been great, we are always on the look out for new ways to reduce and avoid waste. We are only a couple of months doing this and already we see big changes in our garbage bin. Our bin is still not full by the end of the week. George used to have to empty it twice a week.

What changes have you made in your home to make your life less wasteful?

Feel overwhelmed with where to start? Bring a reusable bag with you in your backpack & handbag, get yourself a to-go mug and a reusable straw, put these in your bag too…. there we have an excellent start to moving towards zero waste. Small baby steps at a time.

We hope you enjoy your week,

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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