What Am I Currently Reading? An Overview

Hi all,

I thought it was time for a follow up post on my post, The Power of Reading with a little overview on what I am currently reading.

I usually read more than one book at a time. I have a mainstay which I try to commit to reading ten pages a day on until I finish and then I have a couple of others on the go if I want a break or want to do a bit more reading.

Below is a quick list of what I am currently reading or have recently finished before I go into them in more detail:

Meditations from the Mat (paperback) by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison

You are the Universe (EBook on my I phone) by Deepak Chopra

The Future of the Mind (Audio book) by Michio Kaku

Slade House (EBook on Kindle) by David Mitchell

Einstein’s Dreams (EBook on my I phone) by Alan Lightman

Getting Unstuck (Audio book) by Pema Chodron

Meditations from the Matt

This book has taken me forever to read and not because the author encourages reading it one chapter per day over the period of a year – I’ve just been busy and I’m a slow reader.

I was happy to let it drag out as it is one of the most inspiring and enlightening books I have ever read. It was part of the recommended reading for Yoga Teacher Training with Semperviva and I have taken so much from it that I will apply in my classes when I begin to teach regularly. Originally I had a library copy but I decided to buy it as it is one of those books I felt the need to highlight and make notes all the way through. It is definitely one I will read again and I cannot recommend it enough. I look forward to reading Meditations on Intention and Being from the same author.

Each short chapter begins with a quote, almost all of which are inspiring and the book itself is broken down into eight parts, each one dealing with one of the eight limbs of yoga.

It highlights how one can turn their life around and change for the better like the author did. A truly inspiring man, who overcame alcoholism to be a leader in the yoga world.

You are the Universe

I am reading this one on my I phone or I pad using the Overdrive App for eBooks and Audio books rented from the library. I used to be against reading from screens as I use reading to wind down and spend enough time on screens as it is but I find it really useful when I have a few minutes to kill waiting in line or on lunch break.

So far I am taking it slow and I am 16% through it. I didn’t know anything about Deepak Chopra but I expected a spiritual book as his name came up a lot in the above mentioned Meditations from the Mat. On the contrary, so far it is a scientific book talking about the origins of the universe and space time.

So far so good, it is very enjoyable.

The Future of the Mind

I am using overdrive for this book also but listening to the Audio book. I usually alternate between Podcasts, condensed books on Blinkist and audio books when I’m driving but I also listen to it for fifteen minutes in bed before going to sleep. Audio books are a great way to help me shut off my mind.

I first heard about Michio Kaku during an interview on the Big Think Podcast and was amazed by his theories of the future of technology.

In this book he explores the human mind and where we are going from the point of view of a physicist and his insights are absolutely amazing. Some of the things he speaks about which have actually been accomplished in real life sound like utter science fiction (mind reading, recording video clips of dreams). It is absolutely amazing what has been achieved according to Kaku and where we are going with both technology and the mind.

Slade House

I am reading this on my Kindle. I love my Kindle because I have so much books on it and it is not a screen with a backlight, it looks and reads just like paper.

Slade House is a horror novel set modern day England. It is apparently part of a series which I have not read the previous installments but that has not affected my enjoyment. I’ll reserve judgement on this one until I have finished as I am not that far into it.

Einstein’s Dreams

This was a very interesting one. To my knowledge it was very successful when released. I had no idea what to expect going into it but it is a collection of short fictional stories (Dreams of Einstein) set in a Swiss town where the laws of physics behave differently in each version.

For example, time moves at different speeds in different areas or gravity behaves differently. It explores the effects this has in different ways.

The book doesn’t really give us a main character to grow attached to, the only recurring characters were Einstein and his friend Beso in but a few chapters. Because of this I found it difficult to become attached to the book but it is an easy, short read and the ideas put out in each chapter are fascinating.

Getting Unstuck

Pema Chodron is a Buddhist Nun based in Newfoundland. This audio book is a recorded lecture she gives. She is extremely down to earth and common sense and also has a great no bullshit attitude which I love. There was not a specific, single message I took from listening to it but I feel listening to and reading work from people like Pema Chodron help ground me.

I look forward to reading more of her work.

If I was to recommend any one of the above it would be, without hesitation Meditations from the Matt, even if you are not a Yogi. I guarantee you would become one after reading this.

I will repost on my reading again when I bang through a few more.




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