This Months Focus: Reducing Waste and Clearing Our Space

This month has been all about removing all the unnecessary items in our apartment and creating space. Each day after work I would pick a cupboard, press, basket, shelf or drawer to sort through. I would empty the contents, clean out the chosen area, stack the contents into piles of recycle, donate or keep.

The items we wanted to keep went back into the space it came from or were placed in an area where it would suit better. The remaining items were recycled (lots of papers, notepads, old notes from University and various courses) or placed on the donation table in our building. The nicer items like plates, teapots, cups and kitchen wares I gave to people in work or friends.

Starting out on this project I really did not think we had much stuff we did not need, I was amazed how much we had that we never used or didn’t suit our lifestyle anymore.

For example:

  • Fancy china dishes we never used
  • Large beer glasses that took up too much space
  • A winter coat that didn’t fit right
  • Workout clothes that didn’t fit right
  • Uncomfortable shoes
  • Decorative items that we never used

The amount of paper we recycled was the biggest eye opener. George and I both have done many courses and had collected a lot of reading material & notes which we never looked at once the course was complete. All this paper took up 4 baskets worth of space. What we needed we kept and the rest was recycled. We did the same with wedding cards, birthday cards, bills, pay slips and warranties. What we needed we kept then recycled the rest. Now we only have one small basket to keep only necessary papers. Phew!

This experience has made George and I more mindful of how much paper we take into and store in our home. We will avoid this as much as we can in the future. Both of us have now told our work to not print our pay-slips but email us instead as it is such a waste of paper. All our bills and bank statements are electronic and if we do get any paper we don’t need we will not keep it will go straight into recycle.

This month has also been about reducing our waste. We feel this month has been a major step forward in our waste reduction goals. Buying from our local bulk store has prevented so many extra containers for items like; honey, beans, goji berries, seeds, nuts, cheese, bread, toothpaste, tea from going into recycle. Many of these we used to buy in soft plastic packages which often cannot be recycled so we are very please we removed these items from our garbage.

George used to have to take out the recycling bin twice a week and now we have reduced that to once a week. Our bin is not huge, it fits under our kitchen sink area. We are very happy to see our progress and our efforts paying off. We still have lots more to work on, but we are extremely happy so far. Once of the coolest things is this month we did not have to empty the trash can at all, all that’s in it is paper towel from wiping fruit and counters. Once our paper towel has been used up we plan on making clothes to replace our paper towels. Excited.

We highly recommend clearing your home space of all the unnecessary items we do not use or need. Your home will look so much brighter, feel more relaxed and create a feeling of space & calm. Add a few green plants and you have your own little mecca to come home to everyday.

How to you keep your home free from clutter? What is your favorite room in your home and why?

We would love to hear your feedback.

Have a lovely week.

Chat soon,


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