My First Group Yoga Class: My Thoughts

For the past few weeks I have been giving private yoga lessons on the beach to one or two people. I have been really enjoying it. There is nothing like practicing or teaching yoga outside, near the water as the sun is setting.

Usually I have one regular but I had a surprise second person on Tuesday evening which was great. It forced me to be more aware of where each person was at and to be conscious of their levels of practice.

The largest group that I had taught to date was four people during my final practice of yoga teacher training.

After work on Wednesday I had intended to take the 6:30 pm class at YMCA as I had applied to teach there and I am familiarizing myself with the studio.

As I was leaving work to head downtown to the class I received an email looking for subs for that exact class.

“Ok”, I thought, “if its cancelled I’ll head home.”

Then I thought, “Why don’t I say I’m available?”

I dismissed that. there was no way was I showing up to teach my first class tonight. Maybe 15-20 people? I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t prepared. I decided to go home.

As I drove, I thought about it. Why not? I was ready. I am prepared. Prepared is a state of mind. I have a one hour sequence that I know inside out and I can’t wait to start teaching. So why not? The only thing that stood in my way was fear and uncertainty. The more I thought about it I realized that I wasn’t afraid. I was ready.

I pulled over and replied to the email. No turning back now, I had committed.

I arrived at YMCA, got changed and checked in.

I went downstairs and waited outside, looking at the faces of the students that I would be teaching, hoping I would give a satisfactory class.

When the time came, I sat myself at the top of the class. It felt good. I thought it would be weird to sit at the front of the room, facing all the students but I felt at home.

I relaxed into my quiet, meditative demeanor and started the class. I brought the students through a Hatha routine that I have been teaching for a while. I am comfortable with it as I have given it many times to Theresa and my private students. Its all about habit and repetition. Do it over and over.

It went well, or at least it seemed to. It is difficult to tell if people are getting what they want out of a class.

At the end of the class, after Shavasana I told a short parable, closed my eyes, thanked everyone for allowing me to teach and said Namaste. To my surprise I recieved a round of applause. I’m not sure why, maybe because they realized I subbed at short notice? I don’t know, but it was unexpected and welcome.

A man approached me at the end to tell me he enjoyed the class and asked if I would be teaching next week. That made me happy. I did not expect it, but then neither did I expect to be teaching a class that evening.

I have now been offered a regular morning slot and am looking forward to broadening the classes I teach.

I don’t have an exact start date yet but will write an update blog when I’m a month into teaching.

I am eternally grateful to be on this journey and look forward to my next teaching experience.



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