Life After Yoga Teacher Training: 2 Months Later

Honestly yoga teacher training (YTT) seems like it was a year ago. Summer is always a fun filled adventure for us but this year it’s a little too filled! We “lost” 3 months of weekends completing our YTT, so we planned something for every weekend after. I’m ready to relax and chill this weekend😉

George & I are very focused on getting as much practice teaching as we can. For us that’s twice a week. Since YTT ended I have been teaching every week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.

On Tuesdays I teach my work mates in Queen Elizabeth Park from 5:15pm to 6:15pm. On Thursday I teach a private class from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Both classes have been great experiences so far. My confidence is growing and each week I ensure I teach at least 1 new pose.

Sometimes my explanations are great and others I have ended up making my students sit up and watch me do the pose as I could not articulate the pose clearly.

I like to make a note of the poses in which my direction has confused people, so I can research how other more experienced teachers explain it.

Teaching a group & teaching private lessons are different, I am grateful to get experience in both. Teaching a small class, I get to add more flow elements to the routine, but I spend less time assisting students.

During the private class there is almost a constant dialog and assisting where I can to make things more comfortable or more challenging.

The one thing that both classes have in common is that all the students are progressing. They are dedicated to their practice once a week and have never missed a class. They know the names and shapes of enough poses that they would feel confident going into a public studio and feel comfortable in class. All my students were beginners and new to yoga.

Its so lovely to see the confidence grow in the students and how they recognize they can push themselves a little more each week. In addition, they all love Yoga now as much as I do! They enjoy their class and look forward to that 1 hour each week we get to move and meditate with each other.

Teaching has been so rewarding because already I can see the growth in my students. For me it’s the growth in confidence and the acceptance of the practice by each student that makes me feel so happy for them. It really is cool seeing people grow and connect through yoga.

On a personal level I have been struggling with finding time to teach and practice yoga myself. My own practice has been reduced to twice a week the past couple of weeks. Normally I like to practice 4 times a week in Semperviva studio.

We have been busy working on building our website, learning how to use Instagram, Facebook and twitter (obviously I was not a social media person prior to this lol!) to help create an awareness of our lifestyle brand Back2basicsliving which Yoga is a core value.

Personal projects and prior commitments have taken up a lot of our time during the week and at the weekends this summer. Thankfully things are beginning to settle now, things are winding down and have been completed. We are gradually finding we have some extra time for ourselves again.

Time to rest, time to read, time to meditate, time to practice yoga and time to reflect.

We have achieved a lot in the past 2 months. We have been teaching consistently, our confidence is growing, we are both reading books related to yoga & meditation to expand our knowledge and we are both keeping up our own practice (even if it has been reduced).

Moving forward I hope to keep teaching twice a week, meditating everyday, getting back to practicing yoga 4 times a week and creating inspiring content for our website and blogs on Facebook & Instagram.

Wow yes, the past 2 months have been full, and we achieved a lot and I am proud of the work we have done and what we have achieved in a short period. Now that our routine is stable, its time to enjoy the experience and begin to settle into the role of a teacher.

I will follow up with an update of my teaching experience at the 6-month mark to see if things have changed, improved or remained the same😉

Have a lovely week,

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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