The Search for Purity in my yoga practise

I have applied to volunteer as a yoga teacher at Robert Lee YMCA on Burrard Street in Vancouver. I’m very excited and can’t wait to start teaching.

I still have a few items to tick off in the application process before I can start. One of these is to take a few yoga classes and pick a teacher to help me through the process.

I attended my first class last week. YMCA has nice facilities and I hope I can start soon.

The class started with the teacher asking us to chose an intention. “Non-judgment,” was the first thing that came to mind. I have written about this before in my blog called It’s Not About Touching Your Toes. I have also been practicing one yama or niyama every day. On this day I was trying to be mindful of sauca (purity). I’m not fully clear how one practices purity but it seemed to me that non judgment could be considered purity. Purity of thought maybe?

So that’s how I started my class and intended to continue through.

My practice (and my life) if full of judgments, both of myself and others.

As we moved through the flow of the class, I watched the teacher closely. I was trying to imagine myself in this setting and how I would use the space etc. It was a great class.

As I went through the practice, the judgment started to creep in without me even noticing. I looked around the room and wondered who was new to yoga, who had a strong practice, who was committed. It went on and on.

I also cast my judgments on the class itself and the teacher. What I would do, what I wouldn’t do, what would be different in my class etc.

I suppose it is only natural as an aspiring teacher to try to notice as much as possible but I found that I was judging rather than looking for things that could help me out or that I could tweak for my own teaching.

I didn’t even realize this until I was on my way home. Non-judgment, out the window. I am grateful for the fact that I eventually realized how quickly my intention disappeared. Hopefully with time I can notice it as it happens and come back to it.

Where along the way did it disappear? It’s a great question to ask and it can apply to many different things.

For example I find that as the day progresses my personality changes. In the morning I’m calm and deliberate but by the time I get home from work I’m hyperactive and not as focused.

Is that a bad thing? Maybe, or maybe it just is.

But again the question applies, where along the way do I lose my focus, where do I change?

Maybe it doesn’t even matter but it’s something I’d like to explore in myself. If nothing else it may help me to be more mindful.

It may help me find some purity.



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