Home Improvements: Keeping Our Apartment Fresh and Unique

After doing a major clear out of our apartment of unnecessary items that had accumulated over the past few years, I felt the place could use a fresh coat of white paint. There is something about white walls that make a place feel clean and fresh. White walls always remind me of holidays and Greece!

We rent our place and it had not been painted since we moved in, which was 5 years ago. It REALLY needed a good painting. We went to Benjamin Moore in Kerrisdale to purchase 4 tins of Chantilly white and all the necessary equipment like rollers, brushes and trays. In total the paint and supplies cost around $400.

About a month ago we had a painter give us a quote for painting our place and it came to almost $3000. No thank you! I would rather save the money and spend it on our upcoming trip to Argentina! It was time to roll up our sleeves and get some painting done.

George and I never painted together before, so it was a nice project to do together. Early on we decided George would paint the ceilings and walls with rollers and I would do all the wood work and edges. Once all edges were done I helped with the rollers. We both helped move all the furniture into the opposite room we were painting. Everything worked out and the painting took a lot less time than we both thought.

We got the whole place painted in 2 days. We did 3 hours early in the morning and 3 hours in the late afternoon. Once we had the first coat on we went for lunch, took a stroll and enjoyed the sun. After a few hours we returned and the paint was dry. We then applied the second coat.

We had a similar routine on the second day which was great. We had the time scheduled out and committed to painting that weekend. Therefore, we had no other plans, so we didn’t feel under pressure to be anywhere or that we were missing out.

It is a couple of weeks now since we painted our place and we love it! Its amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for your living space and your mind. Every time we walk into our home it is so bright and clean. We haven’t put back up our curtains yet because we love the brightness.

From a very young age I have loved interior decorating. Not that I am any good at it, but I love looking at magazines and pictures of people’s homes inside and out. For me, getting the chance to see the inside of a person’s home is an opportunity of getting to know someone on a deeper level. Personal photos of trips they have taken, photos of family members, trinkets from places they have travelled, the colors they choose and the style they like, all these things are glimpse of a person’s personality which we may not have seen before.

When we travel I love to buy something that reminds me of a moment or a place we have visited. These are items I like to use to decorate our place. These are the things I believe make a home unique and special.

Home to me is a place that I feel comfortable and relaxed in but also a place that brings me happiness. When I look around our small little home it makes me smile because it’s ours. It is unique and fits our lifestyle. We now have even a deeper appreciation for our home since we put so much effort into painting it. No dirty hands on our walls please! Lol!

What home improvements have you done that made you feel super happy?

We would love to hear your comments.

Have an awesome week.

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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