The Simple Art of Tidying Up

Recently I finished the audio book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Myself & George are trying to live a life surrounded by what we need and love. When I look around our small one-bedroom apartment I love everything, but things have found their way into our home that are now cluttering our space.

Ever since I was a child I have been a very house-proud person. Meaning I loved having my room clean and tidy, I would buy lamps and bedding, so my room looked nice. I repainted my room several times and changed out furniture and trinkets all the time. Going through this process I believe eventually lead to the realization that keeping things simple is key. Pink walls or purple walls will eventually get tiresome for most girls past 15! Speaking from my experience, it did for me.

Now we love the idea of clean white walls with natural light and furniture that is timeless, it does not need to be swapped out every few years. In addition to our ideals on buying things to last, I also wanted to ensure we are not storing any unnecessary items in our home that are taking up unnecessary space.

For sure I would say I am NOT a hoarder, I am becoming more mindful everyday on what we buy and if we need it or not. Questions I like to ask myself before purchasing items are will I wear this in 5 years’ time, will this bedding be dated in 3 years and if so can I reuse for anything, will we use this next year, what is this item made of, I am buying too much, will there be waste….just a sample of things I like to ask. I believe the important thing here is that we are beginning to ask ourselves questions before we buy something.

Before shopping was mindless and largely based on emotions. If we had a bad day, if we had a good day, its Saturday lets go shopping. However, shopping never relieved any negative feelings or enhanced good feelings. We would arrive home with more stuff, more clutter and less in our bank accounts. And for what? To donate or throw these purchases away in less than a few months.

Even though we are on the right track we are not perfect! Lol! Far from and that’s why reading a book like “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a great reminder to stay focused and on track with our simple way of life. Our motto is if we need it keep it, if we love it keep it! Everything else can be donated, given as gifts and reused for other purposes.

Maria describes in her book to view your home as a living being, it is our responsibility to care for it and love it. Cluttering it with useless items is not helping our home or our mind. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. Maria goes through a whole process to help you declutter your home of items you do not use, need or love. She begins in the closet, then paperwork, random bits (toiletries, make-up, towels she covers it all) finally she gets to the more difficult items to sift through like photos.

While I was reading this book, I began noticing things in our home that we did not need. Every season I look through our clothing to ensure we have nothing we are not wearing, and if we do we donate and record not to buy such items again. If anything needs repairing I repair our clothes. We like to follow the Capsule wardrobe method which is all the craze with YouTube bloggers. It works for us and it eliminates impulse buying. Check out The Anna Edit for a description on the capsule wardrobe.


Even though I had gone through our wardrobe in Spring I noticed we had clothes we could donate or resell. These were mainly sportswear we didn’t end up using, they looked great in the store, but the style was just not right for me. Now I know the workout clothes I am most comfortable in and I will lean towards these in the future. In the end after going through our whole wardrobe including bags, shoes, and coats, we had a large pile of clothing to give away. It made so much extra space in our wardrobe and we feel good for riding our space of items we are not using and know not to buy similar items in the future.

This week I will be moving onto all things paper. The first thing that comes to mind is the 250 wedding cards we got. I have them now for 3 years and have never once looked at them since the wedding. I’m not sure why I am holding onto them. I have so many great memories from that day and so many beautiful photos to look at that I think that is enough. Its time to recycle the cards. If there are any cool ideas on how to reuse cards, please let me know!

Maria recommends that all this decluttering is done in one day, but I have chosen to spread it over a few weeks. I know myself that when I start something I need to finish it. This will be one of those tasks. I am looking forward to getting all that unnecessary paper in our house shredded or recycled. I have every pay slip and credit card statement for the past 3 years, why? They are easily downloaded if I need. Shredder I am coming for you!

Excited to move onto the next phase of clearing out.

Let me know if you have gone through a similar clear out and how you felt after.

Did you regret anything? Has anything changed for you?

Thanks so much for reading and have a great week,

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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