Reflection on Yoga Teacher Training: Was It Worth It? What I Gained and What Next?

For the past 3 years myself and George have spoken about our desire to complete a yoga teacher training course. This year everything aligned for us and we finally signed up. We both work full time jobs Monday to Friday and we love to take a long-extended vacation once a year with a bonus week somewhere at the beginning of year. We did not want to sacrifice our vacation time for teacher training, a retreat maybe but not training. Therefore, we thought the 3-month part time course would be our best option. Semperviva in Vancouver presented a great opportunity to complete the training part-time after work on Wednesdays & Friday evenings and for 5 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. Another major plus was that we live 2 blocks away from the studio and we were already members.

On average it was between 20-25 extra hours a week on top of our work week. However, we really wanted to do it and we knew we could make it work. We are pretty determined when we want to be😉

Originally, we wanted to complete the training to improve our own personal practice. We practice yoga on average 4 times a week in the studio but there are still so many postures we wanted to improve and gain the maximum benefit from. We were hoping to get that extra guidance and knowledge from the training to bring to our own mats and help improve our own practice.

It is now 3 weeks since we completed the course and I would have to agree that we for sure gained the knowledge on improving postures we were a little unsure about and received a greater understanding of why we do the postures in the first place.

The idea of teaching was just that an idea, it was a little spark of a thought that throughout the training grew into a huge flame! Personally, I never envisioned I could ever be a teacher, I certainly don’t look like the girls on the front cover of Yoga magazines, or can I bend my body in parts that seem impossible.  I am not some wise sage who inspires you by just being in their presence.

The more I thought about the idea of teaching the more I thought about my perception of what a yoga teacher is. Slowly my mindset changed from the visual sense of a teacher to a deeper level of why a teacher teaches. When looking at it from this angle I began to see what I could offer as a teacher. The simple act of helping people relax makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile. Teaching people to breath slower and notice their breath alone has such huge benefits to the body and immune system that I would be happy to do that alone.  Having the opportunity to make people feel better is a gift and I am looking forward to sharing the joy of yoga with as many people as I can.

Most of us when we think of Yoga it’s the postures and the feeling and sensations they create. However, the point of all these postures and movement and work is to arrive at an end, stillness. A meditation of the body and the mind. The stillness of the body and mind. The postures are a build up to stillness. To sit with yourself, to accept yourself and accept where you are right now. This concept of the postures leading to stillness is the major lesson I will take from yoga teacher training. Yes, we learned about postures, their benefits, alignment, anatomy, chakras, the universe…the list goes one. To think I joined the teacher training to improve my postures seems very naïve to me now. Now I see that postures are only a small area of the practice of yoga. They have their place and their purpose, but they only represent a spoke of the wheel that is yoga.

We gained so much knowledge about yoga and all the different spokes that make up the yoga wheel. We gained new friendships. We gained a deeper understanding of ourselves and what we are capable of. We gained confidence to teach in front of a class, we gained the respect from our classmates and best of all we gained a new yoga community that will always be there.

The course was so worth it. And so much more than we both expected. We signed up to improve our own practice and postures we left with the hopes to teach this beautiful practice to as many people as possible and to deepen our understanding of ourselves.

What’s next for us is teaching. I was lucky enough to start teaching the week we graduated and have been enjoying it so much. George and myself also teach each other and practice our own practice most mornings.

We are reading books to deepen our knowledge in areas which interested us in the course. We are looking at doing some weekend workshops in the fall and we are going on a 3-day retreat in Argentina in October. We just love Yoga😉

I hope this is inspiring to anyone who would like to do yoga teacher training but don’t think they belong. You belong. Everyone does. That’s yoga. Take the risk, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain. For years I have attended school and University, taking many courses and this by far was the most enjoyable and interesting course I ever took. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

If you have any questions on this course, please leave a comment and I will fill you in on anything you need to know.

I hope you enjoyed this,

Are there courses you took that you would recommend?

Please leave your suggestions below.

Have a lovely week.

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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