Camping: The Simple Life or Is It?

Camping is a time to reconnect with nature, break away from the everyday routine, and disconnect from the world even only for the weekend. You bring what you absolutely need, and you survive on just the essentials. Shelter, food, warmth, fresh air, nature and sleep. After a camping trip you feel rested, refreshed and super excited for the next trip. Right? For me the above is everything I love about camping, the freedom from disarming yourself of all your possessions and accepting the fact you will not shower for 2 days, your hair will be a mess and you don’t have an idea how bad you look because there are no mirrors! Win win😉

Our favorite type of camping is backing our backpacks and heading off into the mountains to camp overnight in a peaceful campsite by a river, on a summit or under the trees. We have experienced some epic climbs and hiking trips and they never get old. We can get addicted to the feeling of climbing and camping very fast.

This weekend however we went car camping, we pulled into a camp site in Moncks Provincial Park and pitched our tent. We were there to celebrate our friend’s Birthday. It was a beautiful place, the sun was shining, birds singing, and it was such a lovely feeling to be outside all the time. We prepped all our meals in the open, read, ate, socialized, napped and sipped our drinks out in the open. The convenience of just pulling the car into your campsite after a tough week was nice too.

However, immediately the contrast between our campsite and our surrounding neighbor’s campsites was very apparent. As George was chasing after our little 2-man tent which blew away down the hill as he was reaching for the tent pins, I noticed how many massive RV’s there were in the campground. I swear they were larger than our apartment, our permanent residence! Lol! Outside these RV’s were rugs, lounge chairs, canopies for shade, fairy lights, decorations, and the best of all plants! I mean why do you need to bring plants when you are camping in a forest?! The time it takes to unpack and pack up these sites must be enormous.

Everyone has their own definition of camping, but I think most of us would agree that it is a time where we get to enjoy the outdoors and we leave behind the kitchen sink, not bring it with us. I feel we don’t need to take our household plants along for the ride either.

Maybe I am wrong (I am wrong a lot! Lol) but all these extra things that we bring with us are holding us back. It steals our time and our focus. We are spending too much time setting up the perfect camp, with the perfect lighting, the perfect furniture and the perfect grill and not enough time noticing where you are. You are missing the changing color of the sunlight on the trees, the movement of the clouds over the lake, the sound of the osprey overhead and the warmth of the campfire in front of you. Your precious time to become still and relax is stolen by material things that don’t belong in the forest in the first place.

Its just a thought and an observation I noticed this weekend. I am not perfect when it comes to leaving behind unnecessary material things when camping but when I start bringing my plants along with me I know I have gone too far!

Let me know your thoughts on what camping is for you.

Always a pleasure,

Chat soon.

Theresa x

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