Turning Vegetarian: Why? Do We Miss meat?

Hi everyone,

We have been vegetarian for almost 2 years now. Originally George wanted to challenge himself to go without meat & fish for 1 whole year. He proposed the idea to me after a month-long trip to Europe and Ireland, maybe overconsumption brought on a pang of guilt but whatever it was I was thrilled! From a very young age I was the child in our house who would give away her meat (at my brothers delight!) and eat the veggies from my younger sister’s plate! There are 5 children in our house, so dinner times were always a circus, milk was always split (mainly by my younger sister…. things still haven’t changed😉) Memory bubble!

For years I have been the main cook in our house until recently George has began slowly edging his way in to the kitchen to make breakfasts on Sundays. Hoping to encourage this new habit and get him doing the lunches for the week! A girl can dream😉 lol!

I have never liked preparing raw meat & fish, I hate the feeling of it, the smell of it and the look of it. I would avoid cooking meat as much as possible because of the dislike I had for prepping it. However, I did like the taste of meat and fish when it was cooked. My favorite out of the two was fish. Any time we would eat out I would order fish, I liked how light it was, and it didn’t clog me up like meat did.


Coming from Ireland where most households had a roast dinner on a Sunday and the staple meal was meat, 2 veggies and potatoes, George was from a family where the staple meal was 2-3 types of meat, potato and maybe a veggie! He was a meat lover! The bad kind of meat, sausages, bacon (rashers we call them at home) steak, chicken (fried). The man was destined for clogged arteries.

So why this change? Honestly, I’m not sure. I think maybe a series of events. We both love animals, my favorite animal is a pig, I would tease George that he would no longer be able to eat bacon once we get a pet pig. Netflix…. ah Netflix, the documentaries are just great! The grewsome food documentaries would stop anyone from eating any kind of meat ever again! Insights into how animals and fish are treated, what they are fed, how meat is altered, and the negative impact mass farming has on the environment is enough to turn anyone vegetarian. These shows helped to plant the seed for both of us.

The reason why we continued our vegetarian journey beyond the year and why we will never eat meat again is that our way of thinking about meat has changed. The association between meat and animal is too real for us now. When we see meat, we see a dead animal. Our brains have switched in that we have humanized the animal, we realize they have feelings, and they deserve a happy life. Once this thought came into our heads it is impossible to go back to eating meat. There was one scene from a documentary that we watched that I will always remember. Yellow fluffy baby chicks were moving along on a conveyor belt where ladies in white face masks, gloves and overalls would assess the size of each chick. If the chicks were not a standard size and were too small they were thrown down a shoot where they would be left for dead. I cannot tell you how upsetting that was for me, I cried for hours like a baby! Of course, not everyone will have that reaction, but I think that was the point of no return.

George had to deal with the crying and balling, so he wasn’t turning back either! Lol!

Its so interesting how we change as we get older, how we see things differently and how our mindsets can change. Life is a cool journey.

Over the past 2 years I have learned so many new veggie recipes. This is a major plus for George. He has been my guinea pig for the past 2 years and has tried all my new veggie recipes, no wonder he is remaining vegetarian😉 I have learned so many new cooking skills and how to use alternative meat options like legumes, lentils, tempeh, tofu and seitan.

Do we miss meat & fish? At the beginning I was sure I would miss fish but not even for a second have I craved it. Eating out is great as there are so many awesome options in Vancouver for vegan and vegetarian food. Traveling home and in the states has been fun as a vegetarian because we source out the vegetarian places we really want to visit. In a way being vegetarian takes away many options for eating out, but I see that as a good thing, sometimes with too many options it’s hard to decide.

All in all, we are enjoying being vegetarian, have learned a new way of cooking, enjoyed eating in restaurants we normally would not have gone to and feel like we are part of a good cause and veggie community. Btw we still have meat lover friends…. we won’t disown them …. yet! Lol! Everyone to their own is my moto…whatever makes you happy😉

That’s it for now,

Leave any comments below, if there are any recipes you would recommend let me know.

Thanks so much,

Theresa. x

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