Reduce Waste This Month: Tea Bags & Wrapping

Hello everyone!

It’s time to figure out another way to reduce waste in our household. Already this process of eliminating waste it is making us more mindful of what items we are placing in recycling and waste. We had the idea to empty the recycle bin onto our table and divide all the recyclable things into similar groups to give us an overall ideas of what we recycle (Paper, cartons, glass etc.) This was a great visual. For me the one thing that really stood out was the amount of paper wrappers from all the tea bags. To say I am a lover of tea is an understatement! I like to drink different teas throughout the day. I could use up to 6 tea bags a day and all tea bags are wrapped in paper sachets.

Why am I using tea bags that have wrappers? There are multiple loose-leaf tea stores in my community. Why was I not going there to purchase my tea? The main reason is out of convenience. I know our Whole Foods store like the back of my hand. We can get our weekly shopping done in about 20min max. Shopping is not a chore I like to spend too much time on. I like to plan our meals before going to the store and I bring a list with me every time, so the shopping can be done efficiently, and we don’t start buying items we don’t need.

However, I can start adding more fun to my shopping routine by going into more local specialized stores in our community like the tea shops. I am going to make a commitment to trying the different tea stores on our street. I will bring my own tea tins, which I can fill and buy enough tea for the month so it’s not taking up too much time each week. Teas we love to drink are black tea, green tea, chamomile, ginger & lemon, turmeric and rooibos.

The tea store we decided to visit first was Silk Road Tea. The store is beautifully laid out with lots of light. The staff were super helpful, friendly and explained how the self-serve process works in their store. I brought all my own tins to fill however Silk Road Tea requires you to use their tins. There is no extra charge for the tins and you can refill these tins each time you come back. They don’t weigh the tea, they charge by the tin size hence why you need to use their tins😉

Going into the store knowing what tea we already needed really helped as there is a huge selection, decision fatigue could happen very fast. The teas we needed were a black, green and chamomile. Of course, there were different selections of back and green teas but not too much that it took a very long time to decide. After smelling the teas, we decided on an Assam black tea called Jewel of India and a green tea called Sour Cherry which smells of cherries…..delicious. There was only one choice for chamomile tea which was called Lullaby so that was super easy.

In total we purchased 3 large tins of tea which came to a grand total of about $150, expensive for tea but I’m hoping the tea will last for about 6 weeks. I was regularly spending up to $8 dollars a week on each tea so that works out cheaper for us.

The new experience of going into Silk Road Tea, the process of filling our tins and having a lovely chat with the girls working there was all great. We liked it so much that we will regularly go to this store for our tea.

We have been using our tea for a few weeks now and we are really enjoying them, the green tea is especially delicious in the morning. The chamomile we love to drink before bed, it is a lovely routine of calming us before bed and it smells like flowers.

Who knew tea shopping could be so much fun, next time round we will add a new tea to our collection. I believe the 3 mentioned teas will be our core everyday tea and we will have an occasional different flavor tea assortment too. I just love tea! Lol! FYI the best Birthday and Christmas gifts ever!

Overall, we feel better that we are throwing away less paper into our recycling and we have added a new experience of connecting with more people in our community through getting to know our local stores and the people working in them.

I hope this is helpful and please feel free to let me know any ideas you have for reducing and eliminating waste in your home or at work.

Have a great week,

Chat soon,

Theresa x

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  • Michael Kalmanovitch 4 years ago Reply

    When I was last in Vancouver in April I visited a locally run tea shop that sells in bulk. They are up Main past The Soap Dispensary on the opposite side. A very good variety of bulk teas.

    Thanks for passing on such excellent information to your followers. You are helping the shift happen.

    back2basicsliving 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much Michael. I will for sure check out that tea store too. One small change at a time. Excited to see what we can eliminate from our recycling next month;-)
    Have a lovely evening.

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