Coconut Oil & My Skin-Care Routine

Beauty Products You Really Can Eat…..If You Are Really Stuck!

In the past I have spent serious money on beauty creams and potions. I bought numerous skin-care products which all claimed a specific purpose and seemed essential to have in every girl’s beauty routine; cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, spot creams, exfoliates and the list goes on. Honestly, I was spending ridiculous money on all of these. My mind set was the more expensive the product the better it was for my skin. Right? Well, I can honestly say that this is incorrect. For the past 18 months I have switched from store bought beauty products to all-natural homemade beauty products.

I will give you a little background on my skin. I have very sensitive, slightly dry and a very rosy complexion. During my teenage years I never suffered from acne, a spot now and again may appear after a very social week and bad eating but in general my skin was clear. From a young age my Mum instilled in her children to take care of their skin (Not saying we listened all the time!!). I cleaned and moisturized from a young age and still have a routine to this day morning and night.

Then I turned 28 and my skin started to change, pigmentation or intense freckles above my upper lip appeared and acne appeared around my chin area. I was pissed off with this because obviously I was passed puberty and why the hell was I getting acne at this age. Finally, I decided to visit the doctor to get further help. The doctor had asked if I had changed anything in my diet or changed anything with my skin routine, I explained I had not. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and I took these (even thought I hate taking drugs) alas these did not work either. I returned to the doctor and was prescribed more antibiotics but this time I also got referred to a dermatologist. On my visit to the dermatologist she explained it was very common for women at my age to develop adult acne around the chin area. Apparently, it is related to the hormones in my body…. makes sense as my skin always flares up the week before my period. The dermatologist explained really there was nothing she could suggest and advised that the acne would clear up, but it may take years! Just what I needed to hear😉 Anyway here I am 6 years later, and I still get occasional spots around my chin area. Still waiting for it to pass! LOL!!!

I got interested in making my own beauty products a few years ago to see if it would help my skin. My skin is hydrated (I drink a lot of green tea and water everyday) and except for the monthly breakout in the chin area I am happy with how my skin looks. The main ingredient in my current routine is coconut oil. “Natural Beauty” by Karen Gilbert is a great resource for describing how to make your own beauty products and a  favorite blog of mine like pickuplimes has an awesome article on the benefits of coconut oil.

My routine morning and evening, I splash warm water on my face and then run my organic cotton face towel under warm water and wipe away the top layer of make-up from my skin. I then rinse the cloth with hot water and dip it into a little pot of unrefined coconut oil (I like the smell) and I use this as a cleanser. It is excellent for wiping away mascara (even water proof) and make-up in general. Then I use a rose water toner I made to spray on my face and I use the warm damp cloth to wipe away any excess make-up from my face. The final touch is I get a small amount of coconut oil and rub it between my hand and massage into my skin. My skin looks super hydrated and clean.

This personal routine works for me and my skin. It is uncomplicated and affordable. I am super happy with my skin right now. Coconut oil is cleansing, moisturizing and it smells delicious.

Another way I have incorporated coconut oil in my beauty routine is I replaced store bought body scrubs with my homemade brown sugar body scrub. All it takes is coconut oil, brown sugar and lime essential oil for a beautiful body scrub which I use twice a week.

Every second day I use coconut oil as a whole-body moisturizer. I add different essential oils to this too, right now I have added blood orange to my moisturizer. I love citrus smells.

I have separate jars for all my different beauty products, a small clear glass jar for my cleanser, a blue glass spray bottle for my toner, a small brown glass jar for moisturizer, a large glass jar for moisturizer and one for my scrub. I do this more as a mental thing than anything else, after years of having different jars for cleansers, toners and moisturizes etc., having all separate jars for different functions helped me avoid having feelings of missing out. It was something I did to help the transition from store bought to homemade and it really helped me. I love having a separate jar for each part of my routine and it helps me remember what stage of the routine I’m on!

Make sure to let me know how you use coconut oil in your routine and if you have any cool suggestions I should try😉

Speak soon.


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