Yoga At Sunrise

Yoga At Dawn  #AWESOME

Myself and George are early risers, we get up between 4:45am and 5:15am during the week. We both have our morning routines which we love to complete before heading out the door to work (a blog post coming shortly on morning and evening routines)

Getting up in the summer time with the beautiful bright mornings and birds singing outside is so much easier than Winter! After a nice hot cup of tea and some breakfast I am usually ready to get my day started.

The weekend is a time for us where we do not have any alarms or any set routine to wake up super early. However we have decided to break this routine and set the alarm to get up on a Saturday morning. We are both currently training to become yoga teachers and we want to get as much pracise teaching as we can. Our apartment is small and hot in the summer so yoga practice outside is far more appealing than inside! We live 2 blocks from the beach and  views are incredible. Yoga on the beach is a no brainer!

Our alarm is now set for 5:00am so we can practice giving a yoga class to each other (and anyone who wants to join) on a Saturday morning on the beach.

This week we got up at 5:00am, had a cup of tea, grabed our mat and walked down to the beach. I love when the beach is empty and quiet which is only in the early hours of the morning in Kitsilano as the beach gets super busy during the summer months.

We placed some blankets on the sand and put our mat on top of the blanket. The temperature was nice and cool but not cold. It was so peaceful and the sounds of the sea and birds was beautiful. We really do love where we live!

George was teaching me this week for our first week of sunrise yoga. He had prepared a really nice 15minutes warmup and 20 minute sun salutation practice ending with 10min meditation. We have not learned beyond sun salutations yet in class so each week we are hoping to add onto our yoga practice session.

It is now Tuesday morning and already I am looking forward to teaching on Saturday morning. We were discussing if we could fit in another teaching session during the week at sun set so we can get more practice and the beach is quieter at this time also.

Our plan is to keep this routine for the whole summer and when we are away camping or on holidays we will always incorporate a yoga session in the morning so we keep up our practice and improving our teaching skills.

I will keep you updated on how our morning and possibly evening sessions are going and if we kept our promise of sunrise yoga for the summer😉 Please feel free to join if you see us down there, it would be super cool to have others join too.

Have a wonderful week and chat to you soon.

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  • Laurel 4 years ago Reply

    Beautiful Theresa. Looking forward to sharing a sunset salutations series with you!

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