Reduce Waste This Month: Shampoo Bottle

One Easy Way We Have Reduced Waste This Month

My challenge for the next year is to find one way each month to reduce waste from our daily routine so we can try and live a more earth conscious life. Don’t get me wrong I will still need to shop but I will try to be more mindful and choose packaged free products. That’s a challenge, right? I was inspired by a blogger called Anita Van Dyke and her amazing efforts to re-use, reduce and recycle. Please see link to her blog on how to re-use jars for other purposes like storing homemade laundry detergent.

So, my first swap out is my shampoo. I have been using a brand which comes in a 350ml plastic pump bottle which is always thrown into the recycle bin when complete. Recycling is a much better alternative to throwing recyclable containers in the garbage bin however this process uses a lot of energy, chemicals and water. I feel if I can avoid it why not?

Many months ago, I watched a blog post from uselesswardrobe.dk and Signe the blogger was using a bar shampoo by LUSH to wash her hair. I remember I used to use these years ago! Well, my shampoo bottle has finally finished, and the time has come for the swap out. Hopefully that shampoo bottle will be the last shampoo bottle I will ever recycle again. (Wow dramatic statement!)

LUSH as it happens has a factory based in Vancouver and there is a store just two blocks away from my apartment. (This really isn’t a challenge at all, is it! LOL) I walked to the LUSH store and asked the lovely sales assistant to point me in the right direction to the bar shampoos. I smelt each one and decided on a lemon scented bar which is super refreshing and energizing! I love citrus smelling products so much. However, there are plenty more different scents if lemon is not your thing.

In addition, LUSH has conditioner bars too! I still have over a half a bottle of conditioner left but when it is used up I will purchase one of the conditioner bars also. I will keep you all informed when that happens😉

There was an option to purchase a round tin to hold your shampoo in, but I didn’t buy as I have a lovely soap dish at home. I was also offered a bag for my bar shampoo, but I declined as the bar could fit in my pocket.

So, in total I saved 3 items from going into the recycling bin in this shopping trip:

  1. a shampoo bottle,
  2. a round tin and
  3. a paper bag

That’s kinda cool right? I must admit I do feel good about it and it was only a matter of a small decision to say no to extra packaging in the store. Very simple and not difficult whatsoever. This is the mindset I will try and bring forward each time I go to purchase items in a store.

We have been using my bar soap for a week now and we are loving it! It lathers nicely, and my hair feels extremely clean after. Overall, I feel this was a successful swap out. I will follow up in 6 months and let you all know if I am still using this bar soap and give my honest review on bar soaps.

Thanks so much for reading😉 Any comments or suggestions you lovely peeps may have please leave in the comments section below. Peace out.

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  • back2basicsliving 4 years ago Reply

    Testing back2basics;-) WE love you!

  • Michael Kalmanovitch 4 years ago Reply

    Hi, I believe Lush is a company from the UK.
    Good posts.

    back2basicsliving 4 years ago Reply

    You are correct Michael;-) Thanks so much for catching it! I was giving too much credit to my hometown. Lol;-)

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