Homemade Cleaning Products

Homemade Cleaning Products: Why Use Them & How Hard Are They To Make?

The weather has finally improved in Vancouver (you will probably notice I mention the weather a lot…being from Ireland and living in Vancouver it’s impossible not to chat about the ever-changing climate) For some reason when the sun begins to shine I go into cleaning overdrive. Maybe because our apartment is brighter and I see all the dust and stains that usually hide out in the darker days. Who knows….maybe I’m nuts! Probably actually.

Recently I have been searching to find natural ways for cleaning our worktops, floors, sinks, toilet, laundry and rugs. On our quest for reducing as much waste as possible I have decided to make all our cleaning products using time old traditions. Castile soap, baking soda, vinegar, coconut oil and water are essentially all you will ever need. Simple, easy and most of us have these products in our kitchen cupboards.

From my research online, I have learned that homemade cleaning products don’t carry any extra harmful toxins, by reusing old spray bottles the number of containers going into garbage/recycle bins is reduced and no nasty chemicals are washed away into our water. Personally, I love that making my own products saves so much money on overpriced cleaning products. I would much rather spend my money elsewhere like a bar of good dark chocolate. (Although I really should be saving the money…ooh idea for another blog!)

So, this week we finally finished our store bought surface cleaner and I blocked out some time to make a nice surface cleaner. I searched online for a simple surface cleaner recipe and found this one on Anita Van Dykes blog (I love her!). Really it cannot get simpler. Castile soap and water in the ratio of 1:10. I filled one cup measure of castile soap and poured it in the old surface cleaning bottle and added 10 cups of water, I gave it a bit of a shake and that was it! Really! Why have I not done this before? It took all of 2min max. I will let you all know how well the surface cleaner works compared to the store bought brand and if I am still using it 3 months in. I’m off to buy some dark chocolate now. Chat soon and enjoy the sun!

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